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"We are finally getting married"

Valerie Ann Stapley and Richard James Toby




 I was always willing and happy to make the required tea and bacon sandwiches especially after a hard game of pool (remember Rich) also the changing of an engine in a 1982 transit van was more than enough to show I was interested, this could have been the turning point and thus no return for us both as I was always willing to get my hands dirty and help him

Gave us more reason to get closer and share interests, well that and the fact I was training as an hairdresser at the time and always ending up giving a freebie haircut to Richard, I worked in our local pub for quite a while and Richard used to help lock up and make sure everything went ok at kicking out time.


 Richard needs no introduction, known for his unorthodox ways and manner both with people and life. Sometimes described as big and loud, in many ways very true and always up for the moment and willing to put himself forward for his family and friends. Always a family man and protector with a passion for his daughters and a supporter of friends. Always able and willing to turn his hand to many things and has shown this over the years in everything he does in his work and home life 


 Valerie started out as the sister of a mate and ended up the love I was looking for, this may have taken a while to realise for both of us; alas there were years between the start and now. Richard and I met 25 years ago, he was a friend of my brother Andrew who used to come round to 'do up and fix motorbikes' in the garden and eat Kentucky chicken under cars for fun. I used to make cups of tea and coffee for them.



 I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to get married. I told Richard that I wanted to get married in 10/11/10 but he didn't seem to want to wait that long so then it was going to be 2009 but Richard said why wait so now its 10th July 2008. 


July 10, 2008
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Our wedding will be in the Dominican Republic at Ocean Blue Golf & Beach Resort. It will be as we have always wanted it to be. We aren't religious and we wanted something a bit different and we love the Dominican Republic



Jessica Toby , Bridesmaid -- Our oldest daughter
Gemma Toby , Bridesmaid -- Our middle daughter
ZoŽ Toby , Bridesmaid -- Our youngest daughter


July 10, 2008
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic



Page updated 11 December 2007

by Valerie Stapley/Richard Toby